Why choose a laser over traditional methods for procedures?

Where appropriate, the use of a laser in dentistry can provide multiple benefits. It is a much less invasive option for gum-related treatments and surgeries or other oral issues. It minimizes bleeding and swelling by sealing off blood vessels as it cuts making the need for sutures less likely. By reducing damage to the soft tissues, healing time is shortened. The laser also sterilizes the gums reducing the likelihood of infection and minimizing the need for antibiotics. Laser treatments can be associated with less pain translating to less anesthetic shots needed.

How does the Sapphire Diode Laser Work?

All lasers deliver highly focused beams of light. The Sapphire Diode Laser is specifically designed to work on soft tissues. The beam of light functions as a cutting tool, like a knife, but can also remove tissue in very small precise amounts.

What can the Sapphire Diode Laser Do?

Just some of the procedures include:
• Treating gum disease
• Removing gum inflammation
• Reshaping gums
• Canker and cold sore pain treatment
• Removing Abscesses
• Removing tissue samples (biopsies) to test for cancer